2 Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Central A/C Unit's Exterior Condenser Fins


Once warm weather arrives, you may be working on getting your home ready for the upcoming spring and summer months, which includes cleaning up and maintaining your home's central air conditioner. When you observed the unit, you may have found that the exterior fins have quite a bit of dirt caught in them. To help clean these up and ensure they are in good condition, use the tips below. 1.  Remove Dirt and Debris Caught in the Fins Gently with a Paintbrush and Garden Hose

18 February 2021

Common Furnace Problems Your Unit May Encounter


Understanding all of the problems that could potentially impact your home's furnace can seem like a daunting task, but there are steps that can help to make it easier for a homeowner to feel comfortable with handling malfunctions with this critical piece of equipment. Compromised Or Malfunctioning Sensors Your home's furnace system will have a number of different sensors in it that will help the unit to regulate its performance. For example, some of these sensors may monitor the temperature of the furnace itself to ensure that the system is not at risk of overheating.

18 January 2021