The Top Reasons Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important


Spring is almost here and that is the time of year that you should schedule an appointment to have your air conditioning system inspected, cleaned and maintained. However, many homeowners wonder if maintaining their air conditioning unit is truly important or whether it is something that is recommended but not really needed. Here are a few of the reasons why air conditioning maintenance is so important.  Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps to Protect Your Warranty

13 February 2020

Need Your Ducts Cleaned? 4 Steps To Ensure Quality Results


If it's been a few years since you last had your ducts cleaned, it's time for you to prepare for that project. Ducts can collect quite a bit of debris over the years, including pet dander, pest droppings, and mold. If you're going to have your ducts cleaned this spring, you want to make sure that the job is done thoroughly and safely. Here are four steps you should take when scheduling the service.

17 January 2020