How To Maintain The Registers And Return Vents For Your Air Conditioner


Regular maintenance is essential for your air conditioner's efficient operation and lifespan. The usual type of maintenance includes changing the filter on schedule and having professional service at least once a year. However, there's one area of AC maintenance you may have overlooked, and that's cleaning the registers and return vents. Here's a look at how it's done. Vacuum The Fins Routinely When you vacuum your carpet or clean your floors, add the wand to your vacuum and run it over the registers.

28 December 2018

Heat Pumps Vs. Central HVAC System: Which Is Best?


When deciding on how you want to heat and cool your home, you may be torn between two different methods. A heat pump and central HVAC system both have the ability to keep your home comfortable all year long, with each system having its own pros and cons. Here is what you need to know about both systems to make an informed decision. Central HVAC System A central HVAC system gives you the choice of which energy source you want to use for heating, either gas or electricity.

23 November 2018

3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Services to Look for in a Maintenance Contract


Most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors offer a maintenance service plan. These plans usually start with seasonal maintenance and may include more depending on the types of maintenance plan contracts the company offers. If you are considering going with one of these contracts, there are a few things you need to look for. Here are three air conditioning maintenance services to look for and what to know about each one.

15 October 2018

Opening A New Restaurant? Learn About These 2 Common Problems With Commercial Refrigeration


If you are opening a new restaurant, there are many things you need to learn about so you can keep your business running. One of these things is commercial refrigeration. Knowing the common problems to watch out for can help prevent you from losing a lot of food as well as a lot of money. To help you, below are two common problems you will find. Too Much Ice or Frost

12 September 2018

3 Important Steps To Take When Maintaining Your HVAC System's Outside Unit


The AC unit on your property is a critical piece of equipment to maintain because if you don't, severe complications could arise. Then, you may be left without cold air and have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures inside. You can avoid this issue simply by maintaining the outside unit appropriately.  Clean the Interior The outside unit near your property has a tendency of getting dirty since it's exposed to all of the weather elements.

15 August 2018

Commercial AC Problems Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of


As a business owner, the day-to-day operations often distract you from some of the more mundane issues that can arise. Unfortunately, that distraction can lead to all kinds of concerns and issues that become costly problems if you don't address them right away. One of the biggest things that is easy to overlook is your commercial air conditioning system. Here are a few of the most common causes for commercial air conditioning repair and things to consider as they arise.

12 July 2018

4 Things A Homeowner Can Do To Maximize The Lifespan Of A Residential Air Conditioner


In areas that have hot summers, many homeowners rely heavily on their home's air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable. A new air conditioning unit can cost thousands of dollars, so it is not surprising that most people want to do whatever they can to keep their current air conditioner running for as long as possible. Luckily, there are several things that can be done in order to get as much life out of an air conditioner as possible.

6 June 2018