Get Rid Of The Household Allergens And Get Rid Of The Sneezing


If you have seasonal allergies, you should at least be able to enjoy your own home without sneezing. Unfortunately, allergens can accumulate in your home, too. Here are the areas in your house most likely to contain allergy-triggering substances and how to get rid of them so you can breathe freely in your home.    Humidity, Mold and Mildew If your house is airtight, you're better able to control the temperature throughout the year.

15 June 2015

Two Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your AC Unit


During the summer, a constant battle rages on within the walls of your home. This article is not talking about bored children finding something to do and the parents left with the task of cleaning up after their messes. No, I'talking about the battle between heat gain and your air conditioner. The life of an air conditioner would be peaceful, even blissful, if not for the infiltration of heat through the windows and roof of your home.

12 June 2015

Tips For New Homeowners On When To Replace A Furnace


When you are a homeowner, you are responsible for replacing appliances. Renters do not have to worry about the maintenance or lifespan of large appliances, such as heaters. Therefore, when it comes to knowing when to replace something, the answer is sometimes a little convoluted. This is often the case with furnaces. Here are some hints for new homeowners on when it is best to replace a heater, rather than repair it.

10 June 2015

Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance And Tune-Up Services


If your air conditioner breaks during the hot months of the summer, you might spend several sweltering days before you can get someone out to fix it. This can be a very uncomfortable time in your home as there will be no refuge from the heat. Instead of having your air conditioner break down during the summer months, you should have someone come and look at it in the early spring when the weather is still cool.

9 June 2015