How To Maintain The Registers And Return Vents For Your Air Conditioner


Regular maintenance is essential for your air conditioner's efficient operation and lifespan. The usual type of maintenance includes changing the filter on schedule and having professional service at least once a year. However, there's one area of AC maintenance you may have overlooked, and that's cleaning the registers and return vents. Here's a look at how it's done.

Vacuum The Fins Routinely

When you vacuum your carpet or clean your floors, add the wand to your vacuum and run it over the registers. Use the small brush attachment to knock off dirt and debris and pull it into the vacuum hose. By vacuuming the fins regularly, you can prevent the accumulation of dust so you don't need to deep clean as often. If you don't use a vacuum, then buy a duster on a stick so you can get between the fins and clean off dust.

Remove The Covers For Deep Cleaning

Even with regular dusting or vacuuming, you'll still need to remove the register and return vent covers occasionally so the backsides can be cleaned. Doing this requires unscrewing the covers so you can pull them down and wash them in the tub. You may want to wash them outside with a hose instead if they are coated with dust. Be sure to turn your AC off first so dust doesn't blow in your face or through your home. Wash the registers with soapy water and a soft cloth so you don't scratch the finish, and allow them to dry before screwing them back in place.

Vacuum The Ducts

While the covers are off, it's a good time to vacuum the ends of the ducts. You can do this with a vacuum attachment, or you could even use a duster on a pole. You won't be able to reach very far, but you'll remove dust near the end so the registers might stay clean longer. Also, by cleaning the ducts, you get an idea of how much dust is present so you can decide if you need the entire ducts cleaned by an AC company such as Ongaro And Sons.

By cleaning the registers and return vents regularly, you keep ugly dust from building up, and you'll limit the amount of dust that gets blown into the air, which could be important if you have allergies. Cleaning the registers and vents is one small part of air conditioner maintenance, and it might keep the air in your home cleaner. However, when it comes to maintenance that's critical for the operation of your AC, don't forget to change the filter and schedule annual service by an HVAC technician.


28 December 2018

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