Heat Pumps Vs. Central HVAC System: Which Is Best?


When deciding on how you want to heat and cool your home, you may be torn between two different methods. A heat pump and central HVAC system both have the ability to keep your home comfortable all year long, with each system having its own pros and cons. Here is what you need to know about both systems to make an informed decision.

Central HVAC System

A central HVAC system gives you the choice of which energy source you want to use for heating, either gas or electricity. Meanwhile, the air conditioning portion will be run by electricity. This gives you some control over deciding which energy method will work best during the winter based on where you live. Many homeowners like a central HVAC system because of how fast and efficient the units are. They can heat or cool down a home very quickly, and it is very easy to switch between the two systems when you are between seasons and may need cooling or heating based on the weather.

However, if installing after a home is built, it can be difficult to incorporate the necessary ductwork into your home to make a central HVAC system work. A lot of construction work will be needed to retrofit everything into the walls, which can become expensive. The ductwork also makes it impossible to have zones of heating and cooling, since it is all or nothing when the air flows through the ductwork.

Heat Pump

A heat pump can actually heat and cool a home, despite what the name may imply. This is because it either pumps heat out of the home during the summer or pumps heat into the home in the winter. A big benefit to having a heat pump is that it does work in zones. You can have individual controls for each room in your home that has a heat pump installed in the wall, which means you can shut off rooms of the home you are not using or have individual climate controls at night.

While a heat pump works well in the hot summer, there can be problems in very cold winters. When the temperatures outside are below freezing, the heat pump may not be able to pull as much heat from outside to heat your home. This means you need to consider your climate and if a heat pump would be a good fit based on how cold it gets during the worst days of the winter.

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23 November 2018

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