3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Services to Look for in a Maintenance Contract


Most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors offer a maintenance service plan. These plans usually start with seasonal maintenance and may include more depending on the types of maintenance plan contracts the company offers. If you are considering going with one of these contracts, there are a few things you need to look for. Here are three air conditioning maintenance services to look for and what to know about each one.

Yearly Inspection

Most of the maintenance contracts you will find will have routine cleaning. What they may not have is a yearly inspection check. Yearly inspections should be considered before a major season temperature change, such as the one that occurs between the summer and fall months. These inspections will let the contractor determine if there are any issues with the coils, heating system, air system, fans, or the motor of the system. If there are issues, the inspector can note them and discuss repair options with you. They can also give you a copy of the inspection for your home paperwork and insurance purposes.

Routine Filter Replacement

Most filter replacements are fairly easy to do. However, most homeowners tend to remove the filter and simply put a new filter in place. They may not check the coils and fins of the unit, that are covered by the filter. These coils and fins can gather dust, debris, and other buildup that causes clogging. The clogging leads to the motor working harder, which in turn leads to repairs. With a routine filter replacement service, you can have the filters changed and the coils and fins cleaned to reduce the chances of clogging.

Outdoor Maintenance

If you have a heat pump or other outdoor portion of your air conditioning system, then you need outdoor maintenance. This maintenance allows the contractor to go in and remove any dirt, debris, or foliage from the area. They also check the motor and fan of the outdoor device to ensure they are working properly. In addition, checking the outdoor pipes, wiring, and drainage is also included. This ensures the wiring and other attachments are properly insulated for the coming seasonal temperature changes. 

These are just three of the services to consider in a maintenance contract. If you are ready to sign up for routine air conditioning maintenance service, contact your local HVAC contractor. They can help you with pricing, questions, and getting a plan contract started for you.


15 October 2018

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