Opening A New Restaurant? Learn About These 2 Common Problems With Commercial Refrigeration


If you are opening a new restaurant, there are many things you need to learn about so you can keep your business running. One of these things is commercial refrigeration. Knowing the common problems to watch out for can help prevent you from losing a lot of food as well as a lot of money. To help you, below are two common problems you will find.

Too Much Ice or Frost

If you open your commercial refrigerator and you see ice or frost built up, this can ruin your food quickly. This is because everything can become freezer burnt. This built up ice and frost will also damage the components inside the refrigerator.

This could be caused by poor airflow in the room the refrigerator is placed in. Because of this, you need to ensure the air in the room is circulating well. The air also needs to be close to the refrigerator. You can call an HVAC company to see if the airflow is good. If it is not, the HVAC company can repair this problem for you.

Another thing that can cause built up ice or frost is a refrigerant leak. If you have this you may notice liquid on the floor around the refrigerator. This problem is often due to a puncture, which could have causes such as something hitting the hoses while you are moving the refrigerator.

Loud Noises

The commercial refrigerator will make some noises from things like the fans, compressor, and motor. If the noises you hear are loud or sound much different, then there is likely a problem with one of these components. What you hear depends on the component that is bad. For example, if the motor is going bad, you may hear a grinding noise, and if the fan is going bad, you will hear a whirring noise. The compressor may cause a banging noise.

Once you start hearing these noises, call for help immediately to get it repaired. If you do not get it repaired, the component will be much worse, and you may be to replace it instead of getting it repaired.

Contact a commercial refrigeration company such as if you are having any kind of problem. They will come to your business and inspect the refrigerator to determine what is wrong with it and then repair it for you. While the commercial refrigeration company is there they can give you many maintenance tips to help keep the refrigerator running well for you.


12 September 2018

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