3 Important Steps To Take When Maintaining Your HVAC System's Outside Unit


The AC unit on your property is a critical piece of equipment to maintain because if you don't, severe complications could arise. Then, you may be left without cold air and have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures inside. You can avoid this issue simply by maintaining the outside unit appropriately. 

Clean the Interior

The outside unit near your property has a tendency of getting dirty since it's exposed to all of the weather elements. It's important to not let it just stay dirty because this would cause it to work inefficiently and parts could wear down prematurely. 

You'll need to clean the interior of this outside unit, which will involve removing the fasteners holding the fan grill cage in place. Once these are removed, lift the fan grill cage up to give you easy access to the interior. Remove any leaves that have collected inside. For dirt and debris, it's helpful to use a shop vacuum.

Wash the Fins 

The fins on your outside unit are also prone to getting dirty pretty quickly. Like the interior of the outside unit, you need to keep these fins clean to ensure your HVAC runs as efficiently as possible.

Getting dirt and debris off of them won't be difficult if you wash them with a garden hose. Use your thumb to apply more water pressure over various areas that have caked on dirt. Keep spraying until every fin is thoroughly clean. After you get done washing, it's pivotal to straighten any fins that were moved out of position. Otherwise, your unit won't work as efficiently.

Ensure It's Level

A huge issue that can drastically affect the performance of your HVAC system is having an outside unit that isn't level. This can happen as the ground that your unit sits on starts degrading throughout the seasons. 

Get in the habit of checking to see if your outside unit is level or not. For this inspection, you'll need to invest in a level device. It's pretty simple to use. Simply place it on top of your AC unit and check the readings. If your unit is not level, then you'll need to adjust the ground or foundation that it sits on. 

One of the most important aspects of a residential HVAC system is the outside unit. As such, you need to put a lot of time and care into its maintenance. Then, you won't have to deal with as many complicated cooling issues. Contact an air conditioning maintenance service for more help.


15 August 2018

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