Commercial AC Problems Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of


As a business owner, the day-to-day operations often distract you from some of the more mundane issues that can arise. Unfortunately, that distraction can lead to all kinds of concerns and issues that become costly problems if you don't address them right away. One of the biggest things that is easy to overlook is your commercial air conditioning system. Here are a few of the most common causes for commercial air conditioning repair and things to consider as they arise.

Poor Cooling

If your commercial space isn't staying as cool as used to, it's easy to dismiss it as the result of frequent open doors or something similar. After all, commercial properties often see a lot of traffic in and out of the doors, which is difficult for an air conditioning system to keep up with. So, when your commercial space is feeling a little warmer than it usually does, it's easy to overlook.

However, if you notice that the warm temperatures seem to persist in your building even on days when business isn't booming, that's an indication that there's something wrong with the system. Listen to your employees because they are the ones who will notice it first. If they are consistently complaining that it's warm, that's when it's time to start looking at calling a technician. It could be a problem with the coils freezing or even a thermostat failure.

Loud Operation

Commercial air conditioning systems aren't known for being quiet, but if your building's air conditioning starts making significantly more noise than it used to, that's another cause for concern. Not only is loud air conditioning disruptive to your business, it's also often a sign that there's something wrong inside the system.

If your air conditioning system is clanking or banging, it could be a fan blade that's warped. If it's squealing, that's a sign that there's a bearing problem or a motor issue. Either way, if it's making noises that you don't normally hear, you should call a repair technician. Remember that some noises are harder to hear inside the building, so always take a minute to listen closely when you're walking into the building.

Increased Operating Costs

One problem that you're likely to be the first one to spot is an increase in your company's operating costs. When a commercial air conditioner is not running at its best, it's going to have to run more to maintain the temperatures inside the building. As a result, that means your operating costs are going to go up. If you find that your utilities budget is being stretched further and further every month, take a look at your air conditioning unit as the culprit.

Dirty components can hinder a commercial air conditioner's operation. Since most commercial air conditioning units are in areas that are heavily commercial in structure, you risk a lot of different types of emissions in the air. Those emissions can lead to particles settling on the filter and inside the compressor. Over time, these particles can hinder air flow and potentially damage some of the delicate components inside the unit. Having the system cleaned a couple of times a year may help you avoid this, but you'll want to schedule more frequent cleaning if your business is in a heavily industrialized area.

Since your climate control and central air conditioning is easy to overlook until it stops working, it's important for you to save your company's repair budget by monitoring issues like these. The sooner you identify a problem, the less expensive it is likely to be to fix. Contact a company that handles AC repairs for more advice specific to your company's compressor and cooling system.


12 July 2018

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