Cost Of Owning An AC Unit, And How To Manage The Costs


An air conditioner (AC) has some ongoing costs, such as electricity, maintenance, and repair, and they can easily add up to serious costs if you aren't careful. Here are a few tips to ensure that your AC's running costs don't go through the roof.

Learn How to Replace Filters Properly 

Proper installation of an air filter includes:

  • Replacing the filter at the right time
  • Using the right filter
  • Ensuring the filter is properly installed

All these help your AC run efficiently by ensuring that there is no obstruction of airflow; obstructed airflow can make an AC consume more electricity than it should and even lead to damage.

Commission Routine Maintenance of the AC

You also need to ensure that your AC is regularly maintained and fine-tuned to ensure it is running efficiently. Regular maintenance of the ac will also prevent frequent or unexpected breakdowns, which can be costly. Regular AC maintenance should include things like:

  • Cleaning various parts of the AC
  • Straightening bent condenser fins
  • Unclogging drain channels

Ensure Repairs Are Properly Executed

If your AC is not running optimally, then you need to diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Don't put off repairs or malfunctions just because the AC is not completely broken down. For example, if some parts of the house are cooler than others or you are experiencing temperature fluctuations, you need a professional diagnosis and solution. Running a malfunctioning AC not only consumes considerable energy, but it also increases the risk of further/costlier damages somewhere down the line.

Avoid Unnecessary Cooling

You need to ensure that your AC is only cooling when it is needed. For example, you don't need to maintain room temperature in your house if you are away on vacation or if you are away at work. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget to switch off the AC or turn down the thermostat and leave the AC running when no one is in the house. The more your AC runs, the more power it will consume and the more wear and tear it will experience. A good way to avoid such a costly mistake is to install a smart or programmable thermostat that will automate the temperature settings or allow remote control of the AC.

Make "Helper" Installations

It's also good to install other devices or appliances to aid your AC in keeping your house comfortable. The most common and helpful installations include ceiling fans (for aiding air circulation) and humidifier (for controlling humidity). These installations will take some load off your AC and reduce its energy consumption as well as wear and tear.

For more information, contact your local ac installation service.


22 April 2018

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So many of us make the mistake of assuming the air conditioning system is up and ready to go without having to do anything after a long winter. Unfortunately, oftentimes, this isn't the case. You know how I know that air conditioning systems need pre-summer maintenance? Well, I know because I broke my air conditioning unit trying to use it without even looking at it before starring it up for the first time. It was that moment that I learned a very valuable lesson the hard way. My blog will walk you through getting your air conditioner ready for summer without the expensive lesson that I had to learn.