How To Increase The Efficiency Of Window AC Units


Do you cool your home using window AC units? Does it seem like your window units aren't quite as effective as they were when you first install them? It is very likely that window AC units will lose their efficiency, even if they are just a couple years old. This article explains a few ways that you can maintain an efficient window AC unit.

Removing or Covering Your Window Units

First of all, the less time that your window unit is actually in your window, the better. So if you have removable window units, you should consider removing them and putting them in storage earlier in the season. This is particularly important if you live somewhere that it rains a lot. If daily rains start beating down on the outside of your unit, they can cause the coils on the evaporator system to rust.

Of course, some window units are permanently installed and cannot be removed. You want to cover the outside of unit during the winter, even if you live somewhere with mild weather. Whenever you don't think you are going to be using your unit for more than a couple weeks at a time, you should cover it to protect the vital evaporator coil system.

Cleaning Your Evaporator Coil System

Even if you keep your unit covered during most of the year, you will still need to clean evaporator coil on the outside. To put it as simple as possible, this is where the heat that is drawn out of your house evaporates, facilitating the heat transfer process. So, if the coils are dirty, your window unit will struggle to transfer heat, and it will run at a consistently higher temperature, causing it to be less efficient. Ultimately, dirty coils are going to make it, so your unit uses more electricity.

Investing in a coil cleaning solution is worthwhile. This is a foam that lathers up once you spray it onto the coils. After a few minutes, as the foam breaks down the dirt, you scrub it off with a brush. It is a powerful cleaning solution, but it is very easy to work with. You just want to be careful that you scrub with the grain of the coils because if you go against the grain, you could flatten and damage them.

As you can see, it is very easy to take care of your window AC units. Contact a company like Alabama Climate Control for more information and assistance. 


13 March 2018

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