Parent With Alzheimer's Moving In? 3 Ways An Electrician Can Make Your Home Lighting Safer


If your parent has Alzheimer's and is moving in with you, you need to make some changes to your home for their safety. One place you can start out with is calling an electrician to make some lighting changes in your home. Below are three things they can do so you do not have to worry about your parent injuring themselves.

Install Lights in Hallways

Alzheimer's patients often wander around at night, or your parent may get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Because of these things, you should ask an electrician to install lights along the length of your hallways.

This could be a few lights hung from the ceiling or lights that attach to the wall. Ask the electrical services contractor to install sensor lights so your parent will not have to turn the lights on and you will not have to keep the lights on at all times.

Track lighting also works well for this purpose. This is a type of lighting system that is mounted either on a ceiling or a wall and has several individual light fixtures running along the length of the system.

Install Bulbs

The current light bulbs in your home may be good for you and you family, but your parent likely needs stronger lights to see well. Florescent lighting will brighten a room and they are even good for plants if you have any in the room. You could paint the walls a light color, such as white. This along with a bright light will give your parent enough light to see well.

If you have not changed the bulbs in your home lately, they are likely incandescent. Compact florescent lamp (CFL) or light emoting diode (LED) lights are much more energy efficient and have the same brightness output. CFLs and LEDs also last longer than incandescent bulbs, so you can save money and time.

Talk with the electrician about the best brightness level you should choose when you purchase your CFL and LED lights.

Cover Lights

All lights should have some type of cover. Not all covers dim lights, but they are made to prevent glare. If your parent walks through your home and there is glare coming from the light, this will cause your parent to see bright spots, which would not allow them to see well. For any lamps, purchase some opaque shades. For any lights on your ceiling, you can purchase opaque fixtures to cover them with.

There are many decorative shades and covers you can purchase that will go well with your home's décor. When you start shopping, make sure you tell the employee that you want covers that will not dim the lights at all.

Talk with the electrical services contractor you hire about this information. They can also give you other tips of electrical changes you can make around your home.


31 October 2017

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