Heating And Air Conditioning: 3 Features You Might Want To Upgrade To When Installing Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are incredibly efficient and effective for providing heating and air conditioning throughout your entire home. They also allow you to control relative humidity levels on top of control over the temperature of each room. The icing on the cake is that heat pumps have a relatively long lifespan of approximately 10 to 15 years and require minimal amounts of maintenance. Before you jump the gun and install heat pumps in your home, understand that different models possess unique features. Consider whether these 3 features are worth upgrading to.

Backup Heating for the Ability to Change Energy Sources

The heat pumps will require an energy source in order to power up and run properly. The type of energy source that is used will highly influence how efficient and effective the heat pumps are. If you reside in areas that can get rather cold, you might want to consider looking for heat pumps that possess electric-resistance backup heating systems that can take over in sub-freezing temperatures. Heat pumps with the ability to change energy sources based on the outdoor temperature are much more efficient and much less costly to maintain and use.

Advanced Compressor Technologies for Optimal Efficiency and a Quiet Operation

The type of compressor that the heat pumps rely on will also heavily influence their performance. Standard heat pumps normally use a fixed-stage compressor. This type of compressor can only operate under one speed, which makes them highly inefficient. If you're looking for heat pumps that are much more energy efficient and that operate quietly, look for ones that possess two-stage compressors or variable-speed scroll compressors.

Adjustable Blower Motor Speeds and Settings

Another important thing to consider is how much you value your quality of living or use. If you would prefer to install heat pumps that run much more smoothly, you should consider installing ones that are equipped with adjustable blower motor speeds and settings. These heat pumps will power on by slowly transitioning through each motor setting. As a result, you won't be blasted with cool air or heated air immediately.


When looking for the right heat pumps for your home, it's important to speak with a heating and air contractor. A contractor will provide you with additional details on which type of heat pump might be able to best accommodate any existing heating or air conditioning system in your home. A contractor can also tell you whether your home system can support the features that you want.


24 February 2017

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