Important Steps To Keep Your AC Working


Are you currently celebrating the end of summer? Are you tired of the high temperatures that plagued your area for the past several months? While summer can be a fun time, with activities like swimming, camping, or fishing, the temperatures can sometimes be significantly higher than you'd like. If you don't have a working air conditioner, you're going to have a difficult time. In order to make sure that you're prepared for the heat of next summer, here are some things you need to do:

Change the filter: Even if you recently changed your AC filter, do it again now. If you leave the filter in place over winter and into spring, you may forget to replace it once warm weather arrives. Then you could be left wondering why your AC doesn't work the way you're expecting and with an AC repair bill that reminds you to change your filter more often. But before you install the new filter, make sure you write on the edge the day and month that you replaced it. Now, if you forget about changing it and try to replace the filter again at the beginning of summer, you'll see the date and be reminded that it is actually a new filter.

Cover the unit: If you don't have a combination AC & furnace, it's important to cover the air conditioner when it's not in use. During cold weather, insects and small animals could find their way into the unit when they're looking for warmth and shelter. Unfortunately, some of those creatures may not survive the winter. When you turn on the AC again to cool off your house, it's possible that the bodies or other waste left behind could cause a potentially dangerous electrical short that could damage your AC. To help prevent needing to pay for an AC repair, visit your local home improvement store to purchase a cover that will fit your AC unit.

Get a tune-up: One of the best ways to prevent an excessive AC repair bill in the future is to have the unit checked out regularly. It's a good idea to have it checked out twice a year: once in the spring, to make sure that the winter hasn't caused any damage, and then again in the autumn after you no longer need it. This autumn tune-up can fix small issues that you may not have noticed yet, such as a thermostat that's wearing out, before these things cause damage or problems in the rest of the unit. Spending a little money now can save you a lot of money later. Click here to learn more about AC repair.


7 December 2016

steps for preparing your air conditioner for use

So many of us make the mistake of assuming the air conditioning system is up and ready to go without having to do anything after a long winter. Unfortunately, oftentimes, this isn't the case. You know how I know that air conditioning systems need pre-summer maintenance? Well, I know because I broke my air conditioning unit trying to use it without even looking at it before starring it up for the first time. It was that moment that I learned a very valuable lesson the hard way. My blog will walk you through getting your air conditioner ready for summer without the expensive lesson that I had to learn.