Four Tips for Repairing and Maintaining an Evaporative Cooling System


If you live in a dry climate, an evaporative cooler may be the affordable cooling solution for your home. These systems have many benefits such as energy efficiency, but they will also require regular maintenance and repairs. Some of the things you will need to do include annual maintenance and maintenance throughout the season. There may also be small repairs that need to be done occasionally. Here are some of the things that you may want to know about your maintenance and repair needs for your cooling.

1. Doing Annual Maintenance before Using Your AC

Just like with any other type of air conditioning, your system will need to do annual maintenance to your evaporative cooler. This maintenance consists of removing weatherization like covers, opening the valves,  and changing the filter medium to get it ready for the hot summer weather. You may also want to clean the reservoir and flush out debris inside the unit.

2. Checking Your Evaporative Cooler for Small Repair Needs

You may also eventually need to do small repairs to your evaporative cooler. There are some things that you may want help with, while other repairs you can do yourself. Things like replacing a float valve is something that you can easily do yourself by removing a few screws and installing a new float. Whenever you do any of these repairs, make sure that the power is off on the system before you begin.

3. Removing Hard Mineral Deposits from Moving Parts

In many areas, hard water and mineral deposits can be a problem on many home mechanical systems. This is especially true for evaporative cooling system. The minerals can build up on moving parts and cause your system to not perform properly. If you want to prevent these problems, removing the mineral deposits during regular maintenance can reduce wear on your system.

4. Checking and Changing Filter Mediums Regularly

The filter medium is one of the most essential parts of your evaporative cooler. Not only will it help to filter air, but also water runs through the filter and evaporates to provide the cooling effect. When the filter becomes dirty, it can reduce the performance of your system, which is why it is important to check and change the filters regularly.

These are some tips that can help you with the maintenance and repairs you need for your evaporative cooler. If you need to have major maintenance and repairs done to your cooling system, contact an air conditioning repair contractor to get your system cooling again.


20 July 2015

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