How To Make Your Swamp Cooler More Effecient


Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, are an alternative way to cool your home. They are based on the concept of evaporating air being cooler than the air surrounding it. Here are some ways to make your home less humid and move air better with a swamp cooler.

Run on Days with Low Humidity

Swamp coolers only work well on days with low humidity. A standard cooler only lowers room temperature 10-20 degrees, so run the unit when the humidity is 50% or lower and during the hottest times of the day.

Check the weather forecast for the humidity levels ahead of time because if the humidity in your area is constantly high, a swamp cooler will not be useful.

Ventilate and Balance Air Flow

You perhaps were told all the time growing up to keep windows shut when air was on. However, this isn't the case with swamp coolers. Because swamp coolers don't operate with vents, the existing air in the house needs a path to escape as cold air is blown in. Open a window opposite the cooler about two inches to lower the humidity in your house by making a cross breeze that sucks out hot air.

If the window is raised high enough, the door to the room should shut quietly. A door that shuts forcefully means the window should be lowered.

Check Water Levels and Pad Moisture

Check water level in the tank weekly because swamp coolers need a great deal of water to run. Dry spots may form on the pads if the water levels get too low.

The pads must be wet to cool the air going over them. To keep the pads moist, run the unit 15 minutes before you turn on the fans. Check pads to see if they need cleaning or replacing. Clean pads with a wire brush and coat with a sealer.

Get the Right Size

Swamp cooler units are measured by cubic feet per minute (CFPM). CFPM figures how much air the unit can move in cubic feet in one minute. Determine how much space in cubic feet you need to cool and divide that result by two.

These tips should help make your swamp cooler more effective. Swamp coolers are great for reducing energy consumption. If you have central air, don't run the swamp cooler and central air at the same time since they will work against each other. Have the unit serviced twice annually by professional air conditioning services to ensure they last a long time.


20 June 2015

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