4 Alternatives To Conventional Home Heating Systems That Lower Energy Bills


If you are tired of paying high prices for heating your home, you may be looking for some heating alternatives. Today, there are many different systems that you can choose for your home. Solar and geothermal technology can be used to reduce the energy consumption of heating systems, and things like pellet stoves can be used to supplement heating in an affordable way. Here are some unconventional heating solutions that you may want to consider to lower your energy costs:

1. Geothermal Heat Exchangers For More Efficient Heating And Cooling

Geothermal heat exchangers can be a great way to get more energy efficiency for your heating. Geothermal systems use a ground loop to exchange heat with the ground. The loop is a circuit of barrier pipes that circulate a liquid. Your HVAC system uses the thermal energy to heat and cool your home. Geothermal systems work with conventional central HVAC and can greatly reduce the cost of heating your home, as well as improve the efficiency of cooling during summer months. The initial costs can be expensive, but these systems last for a long time and the geothermal elements rarely need to be replaced.

2. Solar Collectors For Heating And Hot Water Solutions In The Home

Solar energy is another great way to heat your home and provide hot water. These systems are collectors that heat water or a fluid that is then used by a water heater and heating system. The technology has improved, and now there are even evacuated tube solar heaters. These solar heaters are good because they can also work in colder climates and perform even when the ambient temperature is well below freezing, or on overcast days.

3. Biomass Stoves For A Classic Look And Modern Energy Efficient Heating

Biomass is another alternative to conventional heating systems. Biomass fuel is organic waste material that can be in the form of firewood, woodchips and pellet materials made from agricultural and lumber waste. There are also stoves that use these materials, which are inexpensive to use, have a high heat output and even classic designs. This can be an efficient alternative to replace a wood burning stove.

With the price of energy on the rise, using heating alternatives can help reduce costs for your home. If you need help with some of these solutions for your home, contact a heating contractor and talk with them about the heat needs of your home.


19 June 2015

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