Addressing Questions About Common Problems With Air Conditioning Systems


Your home's air conditioning is essential for keeping your home comfortable regardless of the outside temperature. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that have a limited understanding of this part of their home, and this may result in these failing to understand some common air conditioning system problems. In particular, the following two questions are commonly asked by homeowners that are encountering issues with their units, and learning these answers may help you to address these problems before they have a chance to cause major issues for your home. 

Why Is Water Leaking From The Bottom Of The Air Conditioning Unit?

It is fairly common for homeowners to notice that water is leaking from the bottom of their air conditioning units. While this may seem like a minor problem, it can indicate major issues with your unit, and depending on the location of your air conditioner, it can also cause problems for your home. 

The leaking water is most often condensation that has collected on the interior of the air conditioner. Under normal conditions, a drip pan is in place to prevent this water from leaking, and if you have noticed this problem, you will need to inspect this pan. If it has rusted, it must be replaced, but other problems can often be corrected. For example, algae growth can fill this pan, which will prevent it from holding the right amount of water, and a thorough cleaning is often all that is needed in these instances. 

What Can Be Done For Mold Growing In The Air Conditioning Unit?

In addition it leaks, you may also encounter mold growing in the primary air conditioner unit and your ducts. This problem can be a major issue for your home because the location of the mold will help ensure that there are higher levels of spores in the air inside your home, which may cause severe health problems for you and your family.

Unfortunately, removing mold from these surfaces can be extremely difficult because they are difficult to reach. Yet, if a substantial amount of the mold is left behind, the problem will quickly return. Fortunately, a professional air conditioning technician has the equipment needed to reach all of the parts of your unit to thoroughly remove the mold before it can cause health problems. 

Your home's air conditioning system is a critical component of keeping your house cool on a hot summer's day. Yet, these units can encounter some problems that may cause complications for your home. By understanding what can be done about a leaking unit and mold growths, you should be better able to avoid these major problems with your system. 

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16 June 2015

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