Two Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your AC Unit


During the summer, a constant battle rages on within the walls of your home. This article is not talking about bored children finding something to do and the parents left with the task of cleaning up after their messes. No, I'talking about the battle between heat gain and your air conditioner. The life of an air conditioner would be peaceful, even blissful, if not for the infiltration of heat through the windows and roof of your home. While an AC unit can run harder and longer to combat the advances of heat into a home, the homeowner is left to fund the battle. If you want to keep your monthly cooling bills down, there are at least two things you can do to beef up your home's defenses and relieve the strain on your AC unit.

Trade out Your Asphalt-Shingle Roof for a Metal Roof

Asphalt is not a very reflective material. The dull, black color will absorb the sun's rays and convert them to heat. In fact, an asphalt shingle roof can easily reach temperatures of 150 degrees. While the insulation in your attic will prevent some of this heat from reaching the interior of your home, you still have to contend with some heat gain through your attic. A metal roof will reflect the sun's energy away from your home, keeping your roof and your home cooler, which will help to decrease your cooling costs by up to 25%

Install Low-E Window Film

The sun's UV rays can easily pass through your home's windows, and once inside they will heat up the interior surfaces of your home. These surfaces will then radiate heat, and this radiant heat will not easily pass through your windows. The net effect is that the temperature inside of your home will increase. You can buy low-e window film which will help to filter out UV rays before they enter your home. In fact, window film can decrease the strain on your AC unit by 23%.

If you are worried about paying too much to cool your home, the problem may not lie with your air conditioner. Instead, you should look at your home's defenses against heat gain. Two of the weakest points in your home will be the roof, which receives a direct onslaught of solar rays throughout the day, and your windows, which provide a direct passageway for UV rays to reach the interior of your home. Luckily, there are steps you can take to give your AC unit a fighting chance, and better AC performance means lower costs for you, the homeowner.

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12 June 2015

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